Thursday, February 9, 2012

VB.NET Letter Count, Get First Word, Sort Sentence Ascending, Get Number of Days Between Two Dates

Hello again... 
here's my sample about
Getting the Total Number of Similar Letter in a Text Input, and 
Getting the First Word in Text Input, and
Sorting of Sentence in a Text Input, and
Getting the Number of Days Between Two Dates.

I made this because this is what i take on a JOB exam,
guest what?? ^_^ I FAIL!! so EPIC!! ^_^
i didn't expect that i'm going to used VB6.0... i'm shock that time...'s been a year that I didn't touch VB6.0,
well.... any way...
i'll share to you the exam that i take earlier ^_^
as you can see... it's only 4... but it's 5 actually...
the number 5 in exam that i take is so easy but i didn't answer it ^_^
i don't know why ^_^ haha

Source Code:

Next time i'm gonna share something useful ^_^
THANKS!! ^_^

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